Jonathan Stamper - Founder & CEO

“ I think Kairos is a community that’s unlike any other, with resources and messaging that can change peoples entire mindset on their future. People from any age, background or areas of expertise can benefit from being apart of it. Our mission is God’s heart for the Body of Christ in this day.⁣ “


Shelby Denise Smith - COO

“Creatives, entrepreneurs and activist are the bread and butter of this country. An organization that is equipping them with the mandate of Christ is preparing this country to be in great shape. We are legitimately creating the future. ⁣”


Our Partners:


Brandon Scales - Entertainment Director

“ I believe Kairos Culture is going to be a game changer because there is such a lack of substance within our generation. Kairos Culture will give millennials the guidance and direction they’ve been longing for through the positive community, courses and events offered . I’m excited to see life’s forever changed through the visionary, Jonathan and the board! ⁣⁣⁣”

Joshua Howard - Co-Media Director

“Kairos promotes a culture of support and empowerment, focused through the lens of Christ. The mark left by a community that values sharpening each other on every level, is something I believe can change the world.⁣”

Chisomaga Emmanuel Igbokwe - Co-Media Director

“I believe Kairos culture will be impactful because the principles are centered on God also having a pool of people from different experiences and backgrounds is a unique strength that can help us make more impact on people irrespective of their backgrounds.⁣⁣”


Elijah Greene - Event Management Consultant

“I worked with creatives all my life. My family and close friends are all creative individual and I’ve learned so much from them. I’ve also learned that creatives need community. Creatives can not access all their greatness without the help of community. Kairos gives creatives the opportunity to join a community that will help them tap into all of their potential.”