The Future Doesn't Just Happen...

An excerpt from the coming book, “Create The Future”…

Life is a culmination of moments…

History has never been observed in a linear fashion. Time has never been about minutes and hours themselves. We don’t remember the past in a succession of weeks, months, and years, though we may comprehend it that way. We see history as a comprising of hundreds, thousands, and millions of moments... individual events that change the course of our existence.

I don’t know the exact date that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a hot Montgomery Bus, but because of the impact of that moment, I’ll always remember that she did it. People don’t remember the day that technology was revolutionized by Steve Jobs and Apple, but everyone remembers when they saw one of their products for the first time. Most people don’t remember the day, month and year that Michael Jackson moonwalked for the first time on “Motown 25”, but those who witnessed it will never forget the power of watching him glide across that stage.

Moments like those are how we internalize history. Eras are not the culmination of winters, springs, summers and falls, but of ideas being put on paper, chances being taken, and lines being drawn in the sand. Moments will always be how we understand the season we are in. And these moments don’t just find their way to existence. Moments like this never just take place on their own accord. Every major moment that has changed the course of a generation, started from a cognitive decision, with unexpected results. These moments remold our perspectives, shift our paradigms, and ultimately change our lives.

There’s the kind of time that’s sequential. It’s the kind of time that is determined by a collection of falling sand particles in an hourglass. It’s determined by the amount of hours you sleep, or the amount of minutes you spend eating, or the amount of days you spend on vacation. But these moments, the moments that change history, are representative of a different type of time. A time we don’t often consciously acknowledge, but one that makes up the sequence of the most important parts of our lives.

And we don’t remember these moments in History because of what it means for our past.. We remember history because it paved way for a future moment that we are presently living in.

The future doesn’t just happen to happen. Everything we live in presently, was a potential future reality, that was decided on by someone in the past.

You don’t “stumble upon” the future. The future always happens on purpose.

This is the way that God intended it. He’s always desired for every moment in time to be intentionally approached and entered.

If you hadn’t noticed from the title, this book is all about the future. You’re gonna hear the word “future” a lot throughout your reading. This is for a simple reason; the future is the most important form of time there is.

The future is the reason why the past and present exist.

Time is always locked in forward motion. The future is the place in time that’s most important, because all time leads there. You can’t go backwards in time, so the past isn’t as important. Furthermore, every moment in times past or present, is either significant or not because of the effect it has on what happens afterwards. Effects are fundamentally future-centered.

And the future is made up of, and made up from, a collection of moments of intentionality. Everything significant that we’ll ever experience for the rest of time, will always be because someone decided something.

These decisions don’t come from that “chronos” time. It’s not trapped in the linear. It’s a whole different experience. It’s what’s known as the kairos..

Succession is approached through chronos, but the future is only captured through kairos. For example, most of the time when a woman becomes pregnant, the creation of that child came from a deliberate choice of intimacy. That woman is then often pregnant for 9 months, and that succession of time, albeit precious and beautiful, is primarily made up of chronos.

Then, there are particular moments in the process that literally change everything. It’s those moments like when you find out that the destiny growing in that womb has more than one X chromosome, and now you’re trading in all your blue wall paint for pink. Now, because of that one moment, the picture of the next eighteen years and beyond has radically changed. You now are picturing ballet recitals, and prom pictures, and watching her walk down the aisle.

Your future was shaped by that little picture the doctor showed you on your regularly scheduled visit. That’s kairos. The kind of brilliantly deliberate moment that establishes the trajectory of someone’s forever.

Now because the future is so powerful, it’s natural that many would try to access it. There are many people who attempt to predict the future. While the original and most authentic mode of this is through the vehicle of prophecy, many soothsayers, diviners, fortune tellers, witches etcetera, have built entire careers by vehicle of prediction. The human heart has a mechanism in it that longs to know what it’s made for, and what it’s life will become. Because of this, there are whole entire enterprises built on the idea of seeing and saying the future.

Still, there is a difference between predicting the future, and determining it.

To be able to forecast what will come is an amazing ability. But the power of the future is not just found in those who know what is coming. It’s also found in those who use their hands and feet to construct the next reality, through those deliberate “kairos” decisions. I believe that it’s our job as believers, to be masters at both.

This company comes from a revelation of what the Body of Christ’s responsibility toward the future is. I’ve been burdened to share God’s heart on why it’s necessary for us to be involved in developing it, stewarding it, and protecting it.

We weren’t just called to see the future. We aren’t just called to decree the future, and watch it happen to happen. We are called to establish it. To decide it. To create it...

Because the future is coming, whether we’re ready or not. It’s up to us, who constructs the one we’ll live in.

Jonathan Stamper

Founder & CEO

Kairos Culture