The vision of Kairos Culture is to inspire, captivate and motivate Youth and Young Adults who have a passion for creativity, entrepreneurship and activism, as well as a passion for Christ. We aim to empower the “Christian Tastemaker” to find their place in society, and to contribute everything they can to make society better. The world we live in has many problems, and they are waiting for the next generation of problem solvers! We believe in connecting, empowering, training, and equipping those problem solvers.

With our interactive networkinnovative media content and “larger than life” events,  we want to inspire people to never settle for living in the world as it is, but to dedicate their lives to seeking out a vision for what their world can be, and turning it into what they see.

We believe that the Church is the vehicle through which Society at large should gain access to the culture of the future, so it is our responsibility to give the Church the tools to create it.


Core Values

  • We are a Movement dedicated to INNOVATION

We believe that God is dedicated to the NEW THING. We strive as a leadership, and as an organization to find what new thing God is doing, and assign ourselves to seeing it manifest. We desire to put together events and content through the network to inspire and cultivate a hunger for creating things that have never been seen before. In whatever field you find yourself in (creative, entrepreneurial, or activism-central), we want you to feel inspired to seek God for how to push those fields forward.

  • We are a Ministry obligated to the WORD, the SPIRIT and the SUPERNATURAL

We are a business, but we are also a MINISTRY. Everything we do is centered around encountering the Living God. We don’t want to just inspire you to be christians who move in the marketplace. We want you to meet the originator of your field, and experience him in deeper and more impactful ways, so that you understand how involved God is in every area of life. We deliberately grow in worship, and move in the gifts of the spirit, to display God’s power and heart toward those he has called to affect society

  • We are a Community focused on TRAINING and EQUIPPING

We believe in the power of teaching and imparting. We believe that the difference between being inspired, and being activated is highlighted in Training. You can be inspired by events, but we are intentional about creating mediums for you to gain the tools how to become the best in your fields. Expertise met with Spiritual encounter is what will set us apart from our wordly contemporaries. Too many people have expressed what needs to be done, and haven’t given effective instructions on HOW we are to do it. We are resolved to be the solution to that problem.

  • We are a Team that values PARTNERSHIP and GOAL ACHIEVEMENT

We believe that being effective in vision, starts by establishing and achieving a set of goals. And to complete those goals, we know that every goal that’s worth achieving cannot be achieved alone. We believe in the power of community, and the importance of collaboration. Bringing people with great minds and varied experiences together is how societies are turned upside down.

  • We are a Culture characterized by DELIVERANCE

Because we are an organization that is so dedicated to the future, we understand that an unhealthy attachment to the past is our greatest enemy. We believe that the enemy is at work in the hearts and minds of every world changer, to keep them so ignorant, distracted or discouraged that they never enter into the future that God has for them. We are dedicated to setting people free from influences, forces, arguments, and mindsets that bind them to a lesser version of themselves.

  • We are an entity strengthened by a CULTURE OF BELONGING

We are dedicated to fostering an environment of safety for everyone who comes to our events, and enters our network. We want dreamers to see and know that it is safe to explore possibility, to question norms and customs, and to grow in wisdom and skill. Everyone who has a vision and a desire to change the world, can find a place in our organization. We desire to help every person find the place that they belong in God’s kingdom, and we use the 3 major fields of expertise called Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Activism as our primary means.

  • We create MOMENTS, that build sustainable MOMENTUM.

Everything we do is based in Kairos time. We want to create opportune moments for people to experience something completely new and fresh. These moments are meant to connect to each other, and continue to build momentum in each individual to achieve personal vision, as well as invite others onto the journey. You never know who can be affected by one moment that validate the truth of who they are. You never know what one moment of experiencing a new attribute of God can do for a person. We treat everything we do as a potential kairos moment, that can change everything.